Nonprofit Accounting Services

nonprofit accounting services

At Mark Hanna Jr Inc, we understand the importance of nonprofit organizations in San Antonio, TX. As a CPA firm that specializes in working with not-for-profits, we also understand the unique accounting needs and financial challenges faced by these organizations.

Our team of qualified accounting professionals are here, poised to help your nonprofit manage expenses and revenue in order to maintain tax-exempt status, establish internal controls where needed, ensure compliance with local, state, and federal regulations, and so much more. We are fully capable of assisting a range of non-profits including religious organizations, art centers, social welfare organizations, recreational clubs, business leagues, schools, and an array of charities. Our goal is to help them manage their bookkeeping and accounting needs so that they can do what they were established to do – help their local communities. Of course, we can also prepare and file your Form 990 tax return at the end of each year so that your organization maintains its tax exempt status.

Nonprofit Accounting and Taxes

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